Sunday, April 5, 2009

What are interesting stereotypes of people in my country?

Brazilian people have many stereotypes, that it are different each state or region. People from my state, Minas Gerais, are known as quite and shy, and they are called “Mineiro”. Meanwhile, Rio de Janeiro’s habitants are smarts, and they love parties. Also they have a kind of music known as “Samba” which it is famous around the world. On the contrary, people from Bahia are layback and relax, unquestionably they have the most famous Carnival in Brazil, that it attracts many tourists. In conclusion, there are many stereotypes in my country, and I would spend much time explaining all of them.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Reading Reaction Journal


Web site: Career center: Vault, don’t climb. Retrieved on March 25th 2009

Vault’s article entitled “Electrical Engineering, Uppers and Downers” discusses the good and the bad points about electrical engineering. Research shows that most electrical engineers think they had a good profession choice, because they have fun in the work. This area is linked to technologies, which makes the job more interesting, because engineers can play and work in the same time. Moreover, they can go to conferences to learn about new technologies, and their companies pay them for that. The Internet is very important in this profession, because it streamline the exchange of information that gets better some products we use in our lives. The favorite work in this major area is designing equipment that we need, but there are other fields like infrastructure, or networking. Finally, a last upper is that everybody respects engineers who help advance in the age of globalization. A big problem of engineering is that the work always changes and the time becomes shorter. Searching for news abilities is needed because if the engineer knows some good skill today probably in a few years this skill is unnecessary. In conclusion, electrical engineering is a competitive field, principally in the USA, China and India, and you have to find harmony between the uppers and the downers.


The article “Electrical Engineering, Uppers and Downers”, from Vault, gives a good idea about this profession, because it shows the readers the pros and the cons about it. It is great to know that electrical engineers like their work. Also they would approve if their kids choose engineering. The author could give more examples about this job, like the initial salary, and the necessary skills. An important upper is the close relation between the Internet and Electrical Engineering, that’s make this task faster and updated. The profession is very respectful, which gives me more motivation to study this course. The principal weakness of Electrical Engineering is that it moves so fast, and you can lose some abilities in a short time. Moreover some companies are hiring engineers from other countries paying a low salary. However, Electrical engineers have a good wage, and the author does not quote this. Finally I liked the article because I could learn more about this beautiful work.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Country's flag

The Brazilian flag was made in November of 1889, year in which the country became a Republic. The responsibles for the creation were a teacher, Raimundo Teixeira, and a painter, Decio Vilares. The important issue is the colors, which are yellow, green, blue, and white. Yellow and green represented the Real Family, from Portugal, but later all, these colors change the main, the first become mean gold, and the second mean forest. The color blue represents the sky and the white represents peace. Moreover, there are twenty six stars in the middle of the flag, which means the country’ states. This flag is one of the few that does not have red or black, which represents war and blood. Finally, there are tree words, “Ordem e Progresso”, with the stars that means “Order and Progress”.

Monday, March 23, 2009